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Victoria College (Vic) has a rich history as one of the oldest of the seven colleges in the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Toronto.  Our alumni include some of Canada’s most recognized innovators, artists, academics and political leaders.  Through our 180 years of history, we have earned a distinguished reputation for excellence and creativity. 

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Visiting Victoria College

If you’re considering attending Victoria College, you’ve probably done some research about us. But facts alone don’t tell the whole story. After all, choosing a university is a big step in your life. It isn’t just an academic decision. It’s personal. And the best way to see if Vic is a good fit for you is to come to campus. You may already know about our quality academic reputation, but we are well known for our beautiful campus too. You'll understand the spirit running through the College better after walking through the stunningly beautiful campus full of historic halls and lush greenery. Most importantly, you will see us through the eyes of the people who call it home: professors who will ask you thought-provoking questions and challenge you to be your best self, and the truly friendly students, your possible future classmates. Click here for information on our campus tour program.

Finding Your Place at Vic

We encourage you to take a look at our Victoria College viewbook, which details our philosophy on education, residence and campus life experiences, and provides information on our renowned Vic One program.  Feel free to contact us at applytovic@utoronto.ca or 416-585-4508 if you have any questions.

Future Students