Student Profile

We are excited that you have applied to Victoria College and the University of Toronto. The Student Profile is an opportunity for you to tell us more about yourselves, your extracurricular interests and involvement as well as your academic goals and aspirations. This component is an important part of our admission decisions for students entering first year at Victoria College. If you do not complete the profile or do not meet our admission requirements, you will automatically be considered for admission to another Arts and Science college.

The 2018-2019 Victoria College Student Profile will be available December 1, 2017. 

Eligibility and Deadline :

For current Ontario high school applicants :

The Victoria College student profile is mandatory for all current Ontario high school applicants. Applicants who are unable to submit the Student Profile before the deadline will not be considered for Victoria College, but will still be considered for admission to another college in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

The deadline to submit your Student Profile is February 1, 2018, 11:59 PM ET. 

For other Canadian province and international first year applicants

All other Canadian province and international applicants are encouraged to submit a Student Profile. If you do not submit the before the deadline, you will still be considered for admission to Victoria College.

The profile will be available from December 1 to February 1.

You will need your JOINid login to access the profile, which you will receive from Enrolment Services after you apply to the University of Toronto.

Questions about the Vic Student Profile?  Visit our instructions page and FAQ section

For CEGEP applicants 

Applicants completing their second year of CEGEP are not eligible to submit a Student Profile but will still be considered for admission to Victoria College. 

For internal and external university transfer applicants 

University transfer applicants are not eligible to submit a Student Profile but will still be considered for admission to Victoria College.

For deferred applicants

If you were accepted to Victoria College for September 2017 and you successfully deferred your admission to September 2018, you do not need to fill out the Victoria College student profile.

Profile Questions :

Our Profile is composed of two main questions. Each question has a maximum 2000 character count, approximately 250 words. You will be allowed to save your responses. Once you submit, you will receive a confirmation email.

1. List three regular activities, at least one of which took place outside of your school, that you have enjoyed in the past year. Briefly explain your role in these activities. 

2. What are you passionate about and how would you use this passion for the betterment of the Victoria College community?

Vic One Application

Vic One is a distinctive academic experience for first year students designed to highlight the meaningful dialogue that can take place in a multi-disciplinary small classroom setting. To find out more, please visit the Vic One website.

A separate application is required for admission to the Vic One program.  The 2018-2019 Vic One will be available December 1. Note that you are able to submit your Vic One application before receiving an offer of admission to UofT.

Future Students