Instructions for Completing the Student Profile & Vic One Application

Please review this page carefully before proceeding with the Student Profile and Vic One application.
After reviewing the below guidelines, please see a Step by Step Path to Vic One

1. Check your eligibility and application deadlines
Current Ontario high school applicant (an applicant who is current Ontario secondary school student)
Other Canadian province or International applicant  (an applicant who is not currently attending an Ontario secondary school)
Internal or External transfer applicant (an applicant who is applying to second or third year studies at the University of Toronto)
Deferred applicant (an applicant who had been accepted to U of T last year and whose deferral request was approved by the University.)

2. Look over the application site's technical requirements
3. Accessing the application
4. Fill out your application(s)
5. After you submit


1. Check your eligibility. 

Victoria College Student Profile

Current Ontario high school applicants will have to complete the Victoria College Student Profile to be considered for admission to Victoria College. Please note the following conditions:
  • you have indicated Victoria College as one of your top college choices in the Faculty of Arts and Science (St. George) on your OUAC application
  • you are applying to enter first year studies in the Faculty of Arts and Science (St. George) 
  • No late or incomplete applications will be accepted or considered.
Other Canadian province and international applicants are strongly encouraged to submit the Victoria College Student Profile to enhance your application to the College. Please note the following conditions:
  • you have indicated Victoria College as your first choice college in the Faculty of Arts and Science (St. George) on your OUAC application
  • you are applying to enter first year studies in the Faculty of Arts and Science (St. George) 
  • As admission decisions are made on a continuing basis for other Canadian province and international  applicants, you are encouraged to complete your profile within two weeks of receiving your application acknowledgement from the University of Toronto
Internal and external university transfer applicants are not eligible to submit a Student Profile.  

Deferred applicants do not need to fill out the Student Profile. Your college assignment will remain the same as that in your original offer of admission.

Vic One application (101 and 105 Applicants)
  • Regardless of your college choice, if you are interested in applying to the Vic One program, you must fill out a Vic One application. You are eligible to apply to Vic One no matter your college of choice. Please note the following conditions:

  • you are applying to enter first-year studies in the Faculty of Arts and Science (St. George), regardless of college choice. 

2. Application site's technical requirements.

  • Add and to your address book. This will ensure that our emails arrive in your inbox and not your spam/junk-mail folder.

  • The application site is compatible with Google Chrome.  It is advised that you only use Google Chrome when completing your Victoria College Student Profile and/or Vic One application. Also, make sure to clear you cache and webpage history.

  • Make sure JavaScript is enabled on your browser.  For Google Chrome, go to Settings >> Show advanced settings >> Content settings (under Privacy) >> check off "Allow all sites to run JavaScript" under JavaScript.

  • Transcript requirement for non-Ontario high school applicants to the Vic One Program.  Please scan your transcripts at a low resolution to minimize file size.  The application site will accept only one PDF or JPEG upload and it must be under 512 KB in size.

  • Do not wait until the day before the deadline to begin or submit your application.  Due to the high volume of emails during the application period, please allow five (5) business days for a response to any email inquiries.

3. Login using your joinid.
  • You will need your JOINid to login to the Victoria College Student Profile and Vic One application.

  • Once you login, you will have access to the applications you are eligible to complete.

  • If you are having problems with your JOINid, please visit

4. Fill out your application(s).
  • Read through all of the questions before you begin.  You do not have to answer the questions in order, begin with the question you are most comfortable with.

  • Save your responses in the application and in a separate document. Copy and paste your responses into the application.

  • Save your responses frequently.  If you are working in the application, be sure to save your responses frequently. If the application times out, you will lose any unsaved responses.

  • Complete answers as concisely as possible.  Each short answer question has a 2000 character limit, including spaces - however that does not mean that you have to keep writing until you hit the maximum character limitation.  Evaluators will appreciate a response that is well thought out (even if it is slightly shorter).

  • If you are going to use acronyms be sure to explain the meaning of them.  Never assume that our evaluators will know the meaning of an acronym. 

  • Be honest.  We developed these applications to learn more about our students.  Please do not write what you think we want to hear.

  • Make sure you save a copy of your responses before you submit.  This way you'll have them for your own records.

5. After you submit...
  • You will receive a confirmation email for each application (Victoria College Student Profile and Vic One application). Do not delete these emails.

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