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What we're looking for is one story about something that happened while you were at Vic that had an impact on where you are now. It’s going to be used to show prospective undergrads the myriad things that can happen and the wide range of paths they can be lead down by coming to Vic. This doesn’t need to be a sales pitch – we’re interested in capturing the real experiences that people have had, to paint a portrait of the full and diverse environment that is Victoria College. Each entry will be accompanied by a photo. For an example, please see below for the story submitted by Kerry Clare, VIC0T2. Please note, however, that this is not the only format you can use: feel free to focus on one specific experience or relationship if you'd like.

If you are interested, please submit using the form below. You can contact to arrange an alternative method of getting your story to us.

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Kerry Clare, VIC 0T2:

I decided to come to Vic in 1998 out of a desire to ride on its literary coattails. I wanted to go to Margaret Atwood’s college, to write for The Strand, and work on Acta Victoriana. And while plenty of the other decisions I made in 1998 were perfectly terrible, this one was right. My first publication credit is a poem that appeared in Acta during my first semester, and I’d go on to work on the magazine through my time at Vic, acting as co-editor in my final year. I also edited the back page of The Strand, writing first-person articles that signalled the beginning of me finding my voice as a writer.


My English classes were rich and challenging, opening my eyes to the world of literature. My social life was a balance of inspiring discussions with friends who were just as excited about books and reading as I was, with all the usual tomfoolery one expects of her undergraduate years. And outside of class, I had the pleasure of a part-time job at the E.J. Pratt Library, which, as the nexus of the Vic Campus, was the perfect intersection of my bookish and social lives.


A particular highlight was helping to re-shelve Pratt’s Virginia Woolf collection after the library’s renovation in 2001. To touch the books that Woolf herself had touched, to see her signature inscribed on the flyleaf: clearly I’d chosen to spend my formative years in no ordinary literary place.

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