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On this page you will find admission and scholarship requirements, important dates and deadlines, and many other opportunities and resources that are unique to Victoria College. Please share this information with your students.

For your convenience we have divided this page into the following 7 topics:

The College System: How to Choose a College
Victoria College Student Profile
Vic One
Small Class Requirement
Campus Tours (individual and group tours)
Scholarships and Financial Aid

The College System: How to Choose a College

Why are students required to choose a College?
All students who apply to the Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Toronto (St. George Campus) must rank the seven colleges in order of preference. Students will not be able to submit their application without ranking the colleges.

The Colleges provide an intimate and supportive environment and are considered the students home base at the University of Toronto. It is also where students will receive academic and financial counseling, scholarships, participate in Orientation activities and determine which residence(s) they will be considered for.

Being a part of a College also ensures that students have a more personal experience at the University of Toronto.

How are the Colleges different?
Each College provides different residence and meal plan options, scholarships and bursaries, campus activities and clubs, and unique academic and non-academic programs.

The Colleges also vary in size, traditions and locations across the St. George campus. We encourage students to take tours to ensure that it is an environment they will thrive in.

How large is Victoria College?
Victoria College is a mid size college with roughly 3,400 registered students.

Does Victoria College have different admissions criteria from some of the other Colleges?
Victoria College has slightly different admissions criteria from some of the other Colleges. As we are a popular choice, we only consider applicants who have ranked Victoria as their first choice college.

We also require all first choice Victoria College applicants to submit a Victoria College Student Profile as part of their admissions' file.

As a result of demand, Victoria College also cuts off slightly higher than the Faculty of Arts and Science in all admission categories.

Can students change their college choice?
Students may be able to change their college choice on OUAC; please refer to the OUAC website for important dates and deadlines.

If a student would like to switch colleges after they have received an offer of admission they should contact their desired College as soon as possible to see if this is a possibility. Students may also be able to transfer Colleges after they have completed their first year. 

Are students restricted to taking programs and courses sponsored by Victoria College?
No, programs and courses are open to students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science. We encourage our students to enroll in programs that are of greatest interest to them.

Does Vic admit students from all the admissions categories?
Yes! Each College tries to admit roughly the same proportion of arts/social science, science and commerce students. There is NO arts, science or commerce-specific college.

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Victoria College Student Profile

Are all applicants required to complete a Victoria College Student Profile?
All applicants who select Vic as their first choice College are required to complete the Victoria College Student Profile.

Applicants who select Victoria College as their first choice college and fail to complete the Profile will not be considered for admission to Vic but they will be considered by an alternate College at the University of Toronto.

What is the deadline to submit the Victoria College Student Profile?
The deadline to complete the Victoria College Student Profile will be posted on our website.  Please encourage your students to check our website and their email accounts frequently and ensure they have entered their email address correctly on OUAC.

Can students log onto the Victoria College Student Profile on multiple occasions or do they have to finish it at one time?

Yes, students can login to the application on multiple occasions; however once a student has submitted their Profile no changes can be made. 

Will the Victoria College Student Profile be used for admission to Vic?
The Profile will be used in admission decisions. Applicants who fail to complete the Victoria College Student Profile will be considered for an alternate College at the University of Toronto.

Who should I contact if I have further questions about this requirement?
Please contact us at

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Vic One Program

What is the Vic One Program?
Vic One is an academically rigorous and rewarding opportunity for first-year students, and an experience that makes Vic truly distinctive. The program explores ideas and events from a multi-disciplinary perspective in small classes limited to 25 students. The focus in Vic One is on the development of strong research, writing and critical thinking skills that serve as an important foundation for academic success.

Who is eligible to apply?
Students who have applied to the Faculty of Arts and Science, St. George Campus (regardless of College membership) are eligible to apply for the Vic One Program. However, Commerce applicants are restricted from applying for the Vic One Program due to first-year course requirements for these programs.

When will the Vic One application be available?
The Vic One application opens in late Fall and closes in the Spring.  Visit the Vic One website for dates and deadlines.

How many spaces are available?
The Vic One Program has a total of 250 spaces; a breakdown of the number of spaces available in each stream is listed below:

The Margaret Chambers stream has 25 spaces.
The Northrop Frye stream has 50 spaces (split into two sections).
The Paul Gooch stream has 25 spaces.
The Norman Jewison stream has 25 spaces.
The Lester B. Pearson stream has 50 spaces (split into two sections).
The Education stream has 25 spaces.
The Arthur Schawlow stream has 25 spaces.  
The Augusta Stowe-Gullen stream has 25 spaces.

Who can I direct my students to contact for more information about the Vic One Program?
For more information about the Vic One Program please contact or visit the Vic One website.

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Small Class Requirement

Is this a requirement for all Colleges?
No, this is only a requirement for newly admitted, first year Victoria College students.

Why are Vic students required to enroll in a seminar course?
There are many benefits to enrolling in a first year seminar course, especially as a transition from high school. These small-size classes give students the opportunity to get to know fellow classmates and professors, engage in interactive academic discussions, and develop strong written, oral and teamwork skills. THis intimate environment helps to prepare students for future years of study, and enhances the university experience that Victoria College has to offer.

How many students will be in each course?
Course sizes are 25 students or less.

What courses will fulfill the small classroom requirement?
Students can enroll in Vic OneVic One Hundreds seminarsOne programs offered by other Arts and Science colleges, or a 199 seminar (half or full year course) to fulfill this requirement. 

Vic students will be given priority to enroll in all Vic One Hundred courses. 

Please note: Vic One and many of the One programs offered by the other Arts and Science colleges require a separate application. Applicants are encouraged to consider these programs carefully in terms of their own academic interests and needs before applying.

Will the seminar course count towards a student’s degree?
Yes, the seminar course will count towards a student’s degree (as long a student does not exceed six full courses at the 100 level; this is only applicable to students who are entering with transfer credits). Seminar courses may also count towards the breadth requirement.

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Visiting Victoria College

Will a visit to the Vic campus help determine if Vic is right for our students?
We encourage all students who are considering Victoria College to attend a campus tour. Our tours are student-led and will help potential applicants to get a feel for the campus and the environment at Vic. It is also a great opportunity to speak with a current student about their experience. 

To register for a campus tour or for more information, please visit our tours page.

Where will the campus tour take students?
Tours will take students into the four residences and other campus facilities.

Can Vic accommodate group tours?
We are happy to accommodate group tours. If you would like to bring your students to Vic, please email us at In your email please indicate the desired date and time of your visit (if possible please provide a couple of options), approximate size of the group, and the name of your high school.

We are also happy to speak with students about scholarship opportunities, the Vic One Program, campus life initiatives, etc. If your students are interested in learning about a specific area please include this information in your email.

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How are scholarships assessed?
Admission scholarships are automatically assessed at the time of admission.

Scholarships and Awards are highly competitive at Vic so applicants will need an admission average in the mid-90s to be considered.

When will students be notified that they have received a scholarship from Vic?
Students will be notified with their offer of admission from the University of Toronto.

If a student’s final marks increase, is it possible for them to be reconsidered for a Vic admission scholarship?
Unfortunately, students are only considered for scholarships at the time of admission.

However, this is not the only opportunity for students to receive a scholarship at Vic. We offer guaranteed in-course scholarships for students who maintain an A average in their first, second and third year, as well as a range of other awards. Please encourage students to visit our website for more information.

We also offer bursaries for students with demonstrated financial need.

How much does the typical admission scholarship range from?
Admission scholarships from Victoria College* generally range from $3,000-$5,000. Some admissions scholarships may be renewable for multiple years.

Admission scholarships are also offered by the University of Toronto and the Faculty of Arts and Science. Please visit the following webpages for information about these opportunities:

U of T Awards -
Faculty of Arts and Science Awards -

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Living in Residence

Are all newly admitted first year students guaranteed a space in residence?
All newly admitted first year Victoria College students who have indicated interest in living in our residence by the specified date are guaranteed a residence space at Vic.

Can first year students have their own room? Only in special circumstances will first year students be given their own room at Vic. The Dean’s Office works hard to ensure that roommates are compatible. Students who have questions or concerns regarding sharing a room should contact the Dean’s Office (

Are students living in residence required to buy a meal plan?
Yes, all students living in residence at Vic are required to purchase a meal plan. We have different options available to accommodate the needs of our students. Our residences are also equipped with kitchens so students can prepare some of their own meals.

What styles of residence do you offer?
At Vic, we offer traditional dormitory style (both female and co-ed) as well as apartment style.

As Margaret Addison Hall and Rowell Jackman are our newer buildings the room size is more standard. The layout of the rooms in Annesley Hall and Burwash Hall vary greatly.

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