Small Class Requirement

Is this a requirement for all Colleges? 
No, this is only a requirement for newly admitted, first year Victoria College students. Students admitted to Commerce are exempt from this requirement.

Why are Vic students required to enroll in a seminar course? 
There are many benefits to enrolling in a first year seminar course, especially as a transition from high school. These small-size classes give students the opportunity to get to know fellow classmates and professors, engage in interactive academic discussions, and develop strong written, oral and teamwork skills. This intimate environment helps to prepare students for future years of study, and enhances the university experience that Victoria College has to offer.

How many students will be in each course? 
Course sizes are 25 students or less. 

What courses will fulfill the small classroom requirement? 
Students can enrol in Vic OneVic One Hundreds seminarsOne programs offered by other Arts and Science colleges, or a First Year Foundations seminar (half or full year course) to fulfill this requirement. 

Vic students will be given priority to enrol in all Vic One Hundred courses. 

Please note: Vic One and many of the One programs offered by the other Arts and Science colleges require a separate application. Applicants are encouraged to consider these programs carefully in terms of their own academic interests and needs before applying.

Will the seminar course count towards a student’s degree? 
Yes, the seminar course will count towards a student’s degree (as long a student does not exceed six full courses at the 100 level; this is only applicable to students who are entering with transfer credits). Seminar courses may also count towards the breadth requirement.

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