The College System

Why are students required to choose a College?
All students who apply to the Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Toronto (St. George Campus) must rank the seven colleges in order of preference. Applicants will not be able to submit their application without ranking the colleges.

The Colleges provide an intimate environment and are considered the students home base at the University of Toronto. It is also where students will receive academic and financial counselling, scholarships, participate in Orientation activities and determine which residence(s) they will be considered for. Being a part of a College also ensures that students have a more personal experience at the University of Toronto.

How are the Colleges different?
Each College provides different residence and meal plan options, scholarships and bursaries, campus activities and clubs, and unique programs. The Colleges also vary in size, traditions and locations on Campus.  Each College has a different environment; we encourage students to take tours to ensure that it is an environment they will thrive in.

How large is Victoria College?
Victoria College is a mid size college with roughly 3,300 students.

Does Victoria College have different admissions criteria from some of the other Colleges?
Victoria College has slightly different admissions criteria from some of the other Colleges. As we are a popular choice, we only consider applicants who rank us as their first choice college on their OUAC application. We also require applicants to submit a Victoria College Student Profile as part of their admissions' file.

As a result of demand, Victoria College also cuts off slightly higher than the Faculty of Arts and Science in all admission categories (i.e. humanities, social sciences, life sciences, etc.).

Please note: Applicants who do not meet Victoria College cut-offs will automatically be considered by the other Faculty of Arts and Science colleges.

Can students change their college choice?
Students may be able to change their college choice on OUAC; please refer to the OUAC website for important dates and deadlines.

If a student would like to switch colleges after they have received an offer of admission they should contact their desired College as soon as possible to see if this is a possibility. Students may also be able to transfer Colleges after they have completed their first year. Requests to transfer to Victoria College after first year should be directed to our Associate Registrar, Emanuel Melo ( Transfer requests should include the reasons why the student would like to be a part of Vic, and student number.

Are students restricted to taking programs and courses sponsored by Victoria College?
No, programs and courses are open to students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science. We encourage our students to enrol in programs that are of the greatest interest to them.

Does Vic admit students from all the admissions categories?
Yes! Each College tries to admit roughly the same proportion of arts/social science, science and commerce students.

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