Important Dates

May 27

   Open Vic

Jun 1

   Residence deposit due

Jun 1

   First day to get TCard


   Apply for First year Learning Communities,

Jun 30

   Last day to apply for OSAP to defer fees in August (for First year students)


   Summer Advising Sessions (June 26, July 15, July 24)

Aug 3 or 17

   Writing at University Seminar

View Start Time    Course Enrolment
Year 4  Jul 5 Jul 12
Year 3  Jul 10 Jul 17
Year 2  Jul 14 Jul 20
Year 1  Jul 21 Jul 27


 Aug 3, 8, 10

   No course enrolment 

Aug 30

   Last Day to pay/defer fees for automatic registration

Sept 3

   Residence move-in (for First year students)

Sep 4

   Labour day

Sep 4-6


Sept 4

   Residence move-in (for Upper Year students)

Sep 7

   First day of Classes F & Y section courses

Sep 15

   Waitlist for F and Y courses removed

Sep 20

   Last day to add an F or Y courses using ACORN

Oct 9

   Thanksgiving - University CLOSED

Nov 6

   Last day to drop F courses without academic penalty

Nov 6-10

   Fall break (no classes)

Dec 6

   Classes end

Dec 9-20

   Final examination period for F courses, Y course term tests

Jan 4

   First day of S courses

Jan 14

   Waitlist for S courses removed

Jan 17

   Last day to enrol in S courses

Feb 20

   Last day to drop Y courses without academic penalty

Feb 19 - 23

   Reading Week

Mar 14

   Last day to drop S courses without academic penalty

Apr 4

   Classes end for all S and Y courses

March 30

   Good Friday– University CLOSED

Apr 9 - 30

   Final examination period for S and Y courses

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