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Vic One Hundred Seminars offer you the opportunity to experience a seminar-style, community environment in your first year. Taking a Vic One Hundred seminar will provide you with the opportunity to have contact with distinguished teaching faculty and also acts as a gateway to, and foundation for, subsequent studies.  

In addition to sharing a common avenue of academic learning, Vic One Hundred Seminars allow you to experience the Victoria community through activities such as plenary lectures and social gatherings at Vic. Priority will be given to Victoria College students at the beginning of registration. Thereafter, Vic One Hundred Seminars will be open to all first year students in the Faculty of Arts & Science who are NOT enrolled in Innis One, Munk One, New One, SMC One, Trinity One, UC One, Vic One or Woodsworth One.

Enrolment in Vic One Hundred Seminars is limited to 1.0 FCE (full course equivalent). Students may take a combination of Vic One Hundred and 199 First-Year Seminar half-year courses as long as enrolment does not exceed 1.0 FCE.

Students will add courses through ROSI . No special application is required.

All Vic One Hundred Seminars satisfy the Victoria College Small-Course Requirement.

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