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The Vic One Streams

Each Vic One Stream is associated with distinguished names in the history of Victoria College:

The Margaret Chambers Stream is suited to students interested in commerce, management, economics, and policy

The Northrop Frye Stream focuses on the Humanities with investigation of literary, philosophical and cultural influences.

The Paul Gooch Stream focuses on philosophy and ethical citizenship, and explores the age-old quest for truth, goodness, and justice.

The Norman Jewison Stream is suited to students interested in The Arts and Society.

The Lester Pearson Stream examines current and historical events in a political, social and cultural context.

Old Vic

"Vic One gives me the opportunity to escape that feeling of anonymity that one can find at a university as large as U of T; in Vic One I don't feel like another face in the crowd. The seminar-style classes give me a chance to express my ideas, to learn from my peers, and to become an active participant in the shaping and directing of my education." 
- Malcolm Johnston

"The experience of Vic One is absolutely fabulous. There's something about talking to and making friends with like-minded people that makes the experience surpass the natural boundaries of a 'good conversation' or a 'wonderful relationship'."                     -Terese Saplys


The Education Stream is ideal for pursuing studies in Teaching, current issues in Education, and provides students with experiential learning in a Toronto school.

The Arthur Schawlow  Stream is suited to students interested in the exploration of the Physical Sciences.

The Augusta Stowe-Gullen Stream is focused on science as seen through literature, the arts, philosophy of science and ethics, scientific communication (rhetoric), and statistical methods.

These eight streams feature small group seminars, lectures, tutorials and informal conversation, and are enriched by weekly plenary sessions with guest professors, visiting artists, writers, ambassadors and other public figures.

Vic One enrolment is limited to 250 and a maximum of 25 students per section. Students in the program get to know their fellow students and instructors well and engage in an enriched multidisciplinary curriculum. This introduction to university level studies provides an excellent foundation for further studies by encouraging the development of critical thinking, research and writing skills.

Admission to Vic One is by application only. Eligibility criteria include strong academic and extracurricular performance.

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