Ryerson Stream Courses

Ryerson students are enrolled in the below year-courses:

VIC150Y1 School and Society
Prof. Temitope Adefarakan
This course will be about the social and historical role of the school. The course will examine schools and learning as social, political, intellectual, and economic phenomena. Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

Corequisite: VIC151Y1 and PSY100H1

VIC151Y1 Theories and Practices of Teaching
Prof. Sheila Cook 
This course focuses on connecting theories and practice of teaching with a view to having students develop their personal understanding of teaching. Students will be involved in a practicum. Not eligible for CR/NCR option..

Co-requisites: VIC 150Y & PSY 100H

As part of their first year studies, students enrolled in the Ryerson stream are required to take VIC 150Y and VIC 151Y as well as the co-requisite PSY100H: Introduction to Psychology. To complete First Year requirements, students will also enrol in up to two and a half (2.5) additional full courses (or equivalents) of their choice from among the more than 2,400 courses offered by the Faculty of Arts and Science.

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