Northrop Frye Stream

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  "I'm reminded of a start-up Biotech firm in California. The firm hires the most brilliant minds they can and tells them to work on whatever pleases them. The idea is that the collision of ideas with one another will foster innovation and creativity. This is the strength of Vic One."  

David Hains
Former Frye Stream Student

The Frye Stream is named after former Victoria College Professor and Chancellor, Northrop Frye (1912-1991). His example as a literary critic, and his love of literature have made him a figure of international stature. Northrop Frye is recognized as one of the most accomplished Canadian professors of his generation. Frye entered Victoria College in the University of Toronto in 1929, graduating in Honours Philosophy and English in 1933; he then completed the theological course at Emmanuel College, and was ordained in the United Church of Canada in 1936. He attended Merton College, Oxford, receiving his Oxford M.A. in 1940. In 1939, he joined the Department of English at Victoria College in the University of Toronto, and remained there for the rest of his life. He served as Chancellor of Victoria from 1978 until his death in Toronto on January 23, 1991.
The four half-year seminar courses in the Frye stream give students the opportunity to think about literature, and how it fits into today's world. Students in this stream are introduced to the lives of a variety of persons across historical periods and cultures, whose works have shaped and illuminated human experience. 
In order to have the benefit of an integrated introduction to university level study in the humanities, in addition to the core Frye stream courses, students will enrol in co-requisite course selected from one of the following: ENG110Y, ENG140Y, ENG150Y, PHL100Y or (FAH101H & FAH102H). To complete First Year requirements, students will also enrol in up to two additional full courses of their choice from among the more than 2400 offered by the Faculty of Arts and Science.



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