Norman Jewison Stream

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The establishment of the Norman Jewison Stream for Studies in the Arts and Society is inspired by the creativity and vision of renowned filmmaker, and Victoria University’s 12th chancellor, Norman Jewison. His work has continually elevated the public consciousness of pressing social issues. Jewison’s 1967 film In the Heat of the Night, about an African American detective investigating a murder in a racist Southern town, was a watershed moment for civil rights in the United States. His other movies, such as ...And Justice for All, A Soldier’s Story, The Hurricane and The Statement, to name a few, further exemplify Jewison’s use of cinema to address issues of racism, prejudice and equality, and matters of truth and honour. 

The goal of the Norman Jewison Stream is to provide students with the opportunity for study how the arts play an integral role in both individual and social life. Students enrolled in the Jewison stream will match their two courses with a third that complements their area of study. Students will select from a range of courses offered through the Faculty of Arts & Science of the University of Toronto, in english, cinema studies, drama, music or visual arts. 




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