Paul Gooch Stream

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Who is Paul Gooch?

Paul W. Gooch led the creation of the Vic One program in his role as President of Victoria University in the University of Toronto from 2001 to 2015. He has taught at the University of Toronto since 1967, where he is a Professor of Philosophy with a cross-appointment to the Centre for the Study of Religion. Professor Gooch is the author of Partial Knowledge: Philosophical Studies in Paul, and Reflections on Jesus and Socrates: Word and Silence, books well received on both sides of the Atlantic. He has published many articles in ancient philosophy, philosophy of religion, and biblical and theological studies. His major works bring the interests and tools of philosophy to the reading of biblical and classical texts, and are highly interdisciplinary in nature. He is currently engaged in writing a book about Plato's understanding of human appetites for food, sex, and money. As an educator and academic administrator committed to innovative and personalized undergraduate education, Dr. Gooch is widely admired for his positive contributions to the student experience.


What is the Gooch Stream all about?

The Paul Gooch stream explores the age-old quest for truth, goodness, and justice. It gives students the opportunity for intensive study and discussion of beliefs and values – how they originate, change, and interact in today’s globalized world of cultures, religions, and identities. Topics covered include ideas about good and evil, vice and virtue, diversity and equality, individual character and societal values. For students interested in fields such as philosophy and ethics, peace and justice, public policy or law school, the Gooch stream provides an excellent foundation for further study and career choices.



• Those interested in exploring quests for truth and goodness
• Those looking to investigate and reflect on issues of social justice
• Those hoping to develop their understanding of humanity in an increasingly globalized world


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