Lester Pearson Stream

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The Pearson stream is named in honour of former Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson (1897-1972) whose efforts in creating the United Nations Emergency Force, the first modern peacekeeping force, were rewarded with a Nobel Peace Prize (1957). Mr. Pearson completed undergraduate studies at Victoria College. Lester Pearson (Vic 1T9), was one of Canada's most internationally respected diplomats and prime ministers who helped redefine Canada's role in foreign affairs. The Pearson stream, focusing on the life of public service and responsible citizenship, draws upon historical and social scientific disciplines consistent with Pearson's interests.

"It's amazing to learn from a professor, such as Professor Wright, who has been out there in the world of international relations. He has had first hand experience in many world-shaping events and thus he passes on to us his stories and experiences. What is recent history takes on a degree of reality that makes learning about foreign affairs truly fascinating."

Héloise Apestéguy-Reux, Pearson Stream, 2003-2004

The Pearson stream allows an exploration of individuals and events that have shaped the nature of public life and citizenship. The approach taken is a cross disciplinary one that while centering on an individual or event locates the discussion in the social and cultural context of a specific time and place. Students learn not only of the political and historical but study the cultural, religious, scientific and other factors that shape a particular period.

We have developed four half-year seminar courses that give students the opportunity to examine their socio-cultural environment and their civic responsibilities to participate actively in it. In addition, students will also enrol in a full year (or equivalent) course of their choice in History or Political Science (or another 100 series social science course with permission of the academic co-ordinator). To complete First Year requirements, students will also enrol in up to two additional full courses (or equivalent) of their choice from among the more than 2400 offered by the Faculty of Arts and Science.






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