Margaret Chambers Stream

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Margaret Chambers (Vic 3T8) was a woman truly ahead of her time, one of only a few female graduates to earn a degree in mathematics during the 1930s. After a successful career as an actuary, she went on to act as an independent investor. As a student, Margaret Chambers lived in Annesley Hall. After graduation, she continued as an active alumna and was a very loyal and generous friend to Victoria College throughout her life. A strong believer in empowering women to take risks and assume leadership roles, she spent much of her life helping to provide young women with access to those opportunities. 

The Chambers Stream is designed for students interested in Economics, Public Policy, and other Social Science fields, including students in the first year of Rotman Commerce. Small classes led by excellent, experienced faculty allow for meaningful dialogue in a multi-disciplinary setting. These courses put business and management topics into a broader context by exploring their foundations and applications. Like all Vic One streams, they give students the opportunity to develop skills in university-level writing, discussion, and critical thinking.


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