Path to Vic One

Step 1

> Apply to the University of Toronto, St. George Campus on the OUAC website.

*Check out U of T's Guide to the College System

Step 2

> Wait for "application acknowledgement" package from U of T, which will have your 10-digit U of T applicant number (starting with "100") and your JOINid (of the form "abcdefg1").

Your U of T applicant # will be used for any future contact with U of T. Your U of T applicant # and JOINid will be used to set up your JOINid account. This will provide access to the U of T applicant community pages and status check.

Congratulations! you are well on your way! 
Now for the next part...

Step 3

> After receiving your U of T applicant number, you may apply to Vic One here: Vic One Application.

Step 4

> Choose your preferred Vic One Stream of Study and complete the Vic One application by the posted deadline. 
> Select only one stream of study.

Once you have chosen a stream, you will be given a stream-specific essay question. 

> There is no autosave functionality, so compose essay responses elsewhere and cut-paste into the application.
> All submissions are final, once you hit "SUBMIT" you can't go back.

Step 5

Submit your online application.

**If you don't click SUBMIT, your application will not be received or considered.**

Step 6

> Check your email account for a confirmation message of successful submission.

Step 7

> Wait patiently for a response to your application. 

Step 8

> Check the status of your U of T application on JOINid.

Note: U of T and College decisions are separate from offers of admission to Vic One.

Step 9

Admission decisions will be communicated to students by E-mail.

First round of Vic One admission offers are normally sent in mid-April; and continue until June.

Step 10

> Respond to U of T's offer on OUAC AND respond to the Vic One offer as instructed. (*)

You made it!
Welcome to Vic One!

(*) If you change your mind, please let us know as soon as possible at <>.

Have questions about applying to Vic One? Check out our FAQ or email your questions to <>.

Future Students