2016-2017 Plenary Sessions

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Wednesday September 14, 2016
Welcome Event
4pm, Bader Theatre

George Elliot Clark- Sept 21


Wednesday September 21, 2016
George Elliott Clarke 
Poet and Playwright
"From Poet to Professor to Poet Laureate: A Strange, Fun Trip."
4pm, Bader Theatre

Davey Lecture2


Wednesday September 28, 2016
The Keith Davy Forum on Public Affairs
The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Mary Jo Leddy, and Stephen LeDrew
"Open Borders? How Open Should Canada be to Migration?"
4pm, Bader Theatre

Kim Echlin- Oct 5


Wednesday October 5, 2016
Kim Echlin 
"Living an Unconventional Life"

4pm, Bader Theatre

    Tyrone Savage - Nov 18


Wednesday October 12, 2016
Tyrone Savage 
'Making Your Own Work"
4pm, NF 003

Allan Peterkin- Oct 19


Wednesday October 19, 2016
Allan Peterkin 
"A Medical Humanities Toolkit- An Interactive Workshop. What are the medical or health humaniities? How has the field emerged in Canada? How can exploring poetry and fiction, painting, film clips and reflective writing foster a deeper dialogue on person-centered, humanistic healthcare in this country?" 
4pm, Bader Theatre

Lisa Robinson- Oct 26


Wednesday October 26, 2016
Lisa Robinson
"A Career as a Physician-Scientist: Challenges and Opportunities"
4pm, Bader Theatre

U.S Presidential Election 2016


Wednesday November 9, 2016
Professor David WrightDavid M. ShribmanJeremy Kinsman, and The Hon. Bob Rae
"U.S. Election Results and Its Implications"
4pm, Bader Theatre

Kathleen Wynne


Wednesday November 16, 2016
Judy LaMarsh Lecture for Women in Leadership 
Guest Speaker: Premier Kathleen Wynne
4pm, Bader Theatre

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Wednesday November 23, 2016
John Mighton 

4pm, Bader Theatre

Holiday Concert


Wednesday November 30, 2016
Holiday Concert
4pm, Bader Theatre

David and Shelley Peterson - (Lecture) - Feburary 4, 2015 - Resized (251x188)


Wednesday January 11, 2017
David and Shelley Peterson
4pm, Bader Theatre

David Goldbloom- Jan 18


Wednesday January 18, 2017
David Goldbloom 
"Mental Health in the 21st Century" 
4pm, Bader Theatre

James Janeiro


Wednesday January 25, 2017
James Janeiro 
4pm, Bader Theatre

Sandra Martin- Feb 1


Wednesday February 1, 2017
Pelham Edgar Visiting Lecturer in the Humanities
Sandra Martin 
4pm, Bader Theatre

  Iris Tupholme - Jan 20


Wednesday February 8, 2017
Iris Tupholme 
4pm, Bader Theatre

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Wednesday February 15, 2017
Emanuel Melo
Vic One Program Selection Advising
4pm, Bader Theatre

Bob Phillips- March 8


Wednesday March 8, 2017
Bob Phillips
4pm, Bader Theatre

Tony Key - (Lecture) - March 11, 2015 - Resized (251x188)


Wednesday March 15, 2017
Physics Professor
"What do we Know, what do we Believe?"
4pm, Bader Theatre

Veronica Tennant- March 22


Wednesday March 22, 2017
Veronica Tennant 
Producer, Director, Filmmaker
4pm, Bader Theatre

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