2015-16 Plenary Speakers

Diane Kruger - March 23


Wednesday March 23, 2016
Diane Kruger (Lawyer)
"Capitalize on your Assets"

4pm, Bader Theatre

Ken Greenberg - Nov11


Wednesday March 16, 2016
Ken Greenberg
"City Building: A New Convergence"
4pm, Bader Theatre

Beatriz Hausner- March 9


Wednesday March 9, 2016
Beatriz Hausner (Poet)
"From Surrealism to Dante and Back"
4pm, Bader Theatre

Carol Greenwood - March 2


Wednesday March 2, 2016
Carol Greenwood (Professor, Physician)
"The Fruits and Nuts of Better Brain Health"
4pm, Bader Theatre

Ray Robertson - Feb 10

Wednesday February 10, 2016
Ray Robertson (Author)
"Without Music Life Would be a Mistake": Rock and Roll, Writing Novels and Being Alive
4pm, Bader Theatre

Gordon Rubenfeld - Nov11

Wednesday February 3, 2016
Gordon Rubenfeld (Physician)
"Who Lives? Who Dies? Who Pays? Who Decides? The ethics of modern intensive care."
4pm, Bader Theatre

Mark Fewer - Jan 27

Wednesday January 27, 2016
Mark Fewer (Musician)
"Back to Bach- With a Twist"
4pm, Bader Theatre

Iris Tupholme - Jan 20

Wednesday January 20, 2016
Iris Tupholme (Editor and Publisher)
"The Making of a Bestseller"
4pm, Bader Theatre

Michael Winter - Jan 13

Wednesday January 13, 2016
Michael Winter (Author)
"No Ideas But in Things" (writing non-fiction by using fictional devices)
4pm, Bader Theatre

Melanie Campbell - Nov 25

Wednesday November 25, 2015
Melanie Campbell (Biophysicist)
"Through the Optics of the Eye to a Window on the Brain"
4pm, Bader Theatre

Tyrone Savage - Nov 18

Wednesday November 18, 2015
Tyrone Savage
"Indie Theatre and the Merits of Making Your Own Work"
4pm, Bader Theatre

A. Urbancic Plenary Photo 11 November 2015


Wednesday November 11, 2015
Professor Anne Urbancic
"Remembering: Women under the Influence"
4pm, Bader Theatre

Stevie Cameron - Nov 4


Wednesday November 4, 2015
Stevie Cameron
Judy LaMarsh Lecture Series 

"Students Made it Possible"
4pm, Bader Theatre

Tony Key - (Lecture) - March 11, 2015 - Resized (251x188)               Wednesday, October 28, 2015 
Tony Key
"Why Are We Here"
4pm, Bader Theatre

(2015) VOPics - Rae 01 - Lecture                   Wednesday, October 21, 2015 
The Honourable Bob Rae
"Canadian Election Results and Implications" 
4pm, Bader Theatre
Michelle Bendeck - Oct 14

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 
Michelle Bendeck
"The Road Less Traveled by: Vascular Matrix Biology"
4:00pm, NF003 (location change)

Mark Sedra - Oct 7


Wednesday October 7, 2015 
Mark Sedra
"Forging a Career as a 'Pracademic': Walking the fine line between Academic and Practitioner Work"
4pm, Bader Theatre

Davey Lecture

Wednesday September 30, 2015
Davey Forum featuring Lloyd Axworthy and Charli Carpenter, moderated by Wendy Wong
"Is Canada Doing Enough to Promote Human Rights Around the World?"
4:30pm, Bader Theatre

Will Robins - Sept 23   


Wednesday September 23, 2015 
President William Robins
"What's so Liberal about Liberal Education?"
4pm, Bader Theatre

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