Linda and Michael Hutcheon

Linda Hutcheon holds the rank of University Professor Emeritus in the Department of English and the Centre for Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto. She is author of 9 books on contemporary postmodern culture in Canada and around the world.

Michael Hutcheon is Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto. A respirologist specializing in lung transplantation, his extensive scientific research publications encompass a number of areas: pulmonary physiology; bone marrow transplantation; AIDS.

Their collaborative, interdisciplinary work on the cultural construction of sexuality, gender and disease in opera has been published in a book entitled Opera: Desire, Disease, Death (1996). Their second book, a study of both the real and the represented operatic body entitled Bodily Charm: Living Opera, was published in 2000 and The Art of Dying, their third, was published in 2004 by Harvard University Press and is a study of how operas help us deal with our mortality. They have just completed a fourth book, a study of the later creative life and “late style” of opera composers.


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