Lisa Robinson

Dr. Lisa Robinson is a Professor,Department of Paediatrics, University of Toronto, Chief Diversity Officer,Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Head of the Division of Nephrology,The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and Senior Scientist in the Program in Cell Biology at the SickKids Research Institute. 

Dr. Robinson attended medical school at theUniversity of Toronto, trained 
in Internal Medicine at Toronto General Hospital, and completed her residency in Paediatrics at the University of Western Ontario.  She received her Paediatric Nephrology training at Duke University and during this time she pursued basic research training in the Departments of Immunology and Medicine, focused on exploring the mechanisms whereby leukocytes traffic within inflamed tissues.  Her basic and translational research program has 2 areas of focus: 1) understanding the regulation of expression and function of chemokines and adhesion molecules in inflammation, and 2) exploring the role of neuronal guidance cues in attenuating inflammation and thrombosis.  Her research program integrates molecular biology, cell biology, advanced microscopic, and biochemical approaches with animal models of inflammation and renalinjury. 

Dr. Robinson is the founder and director of  
Kids Science, a SickKids Research Institute program which provides opportunities for middle- and high-school students to improve their understanding of science and technology, and to make positive educational and career choices.Kids Science targets “at-risk” youth who do not have equal exposure to science and technology awareness experiences, including patients with chronic illnesses at SickKids, students from Northeastern Ontario, and students from Toronto inner-city schools.

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