Subject POSts Demystified

On February 27th, Mr. Emanuel Melo of the Victoria College Registrar’s office will outline the process of Subject POSt selection.

Following his presentation, Mr. Melo will join us at our coffee session in order to answer any specific questions you may have.

What will I learn?
- understanding different ‘Types’ of POSts
- how to select a POSt
- online procedures for enrolling/selecting POSts
- important dates
- where to go for help

Why is this information important?
- students with 4.0fces need to declare a POSt
- degree requirement
- must have POSts declared before you can enrol in your 2nd year courses

Do I need to prepare anything or know anything in advance?
NO. We expect you to arrive with lots of questions and hope to provide you with answers to all of them

See you then!

Future Students