Vic One Student Experience

The Seminar Environment
Our multi-disciplinary seminar-style classes are uniquely structured to offer the opportunity for students to connect with their instructor and their classmates. The expectation is that students will actively participate in class discussions and engage with their peers in a collegial way. A non-judgemental environment of mutual respect and inclusion is fostered.

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Student Experience and Testimonials

Vic One has, as one of its aims, the desire to inspire students to take responsibility and play a contributing role in society. Our students and alumni engage deeply in their academic studies and extra curricular involvements. Here is what they have to say about their experiences in the Vic One program…

"Vic One seems to exude balance between academic and extra-curricular, bohemian and scholarly, arts and science. The pride carried by everyone who attends Vic One is astounding and seductive. I am completely smitten by Vic One" - Julienne Lottering, 2003-2004

"Excellent professors, the chance to hear prestigious guest lecturers discuss a variety of topics, small classes, and a self-selecting group of interested students all contribute to making Vic One a wonderful learning environment." - Deborah Perkins-Leitman, 2003-2004

“Being a part of this diverse community has enabled me to look at issues from abstract angles, question ethics that are supposed to be second nature, and listen to the ignored. Vic One is not restricted to the walls of the classrooms but the far-reaching depths of the university and the heart of the downtown core. It is a program that allows you to achieve personal and academic growth.” - Efe Igor, 2008-2009

“The course was very valuable because of its interdisciplinary nature. I was introduced to a wide variety of material-philosophy, history, anthropology, and feminism.” - Estee Fresco, 2003-2004

"Vic One definitely helped commuters like me feel like they were “part” of something, feel more at home. The friendships that are built in the first year are valuable for later years, especially because Vic One students tend to be such great people." - Heloise Apesteguy-Reux, 2003-2004

"The plenary sessions were an amazing opportunity to hear great minds speak-I’m still in awe of the fact that I met Natalie Zemon Davis: one week I was writing a paper on one of her books for a history class, and the next week I’m talking with her about primary research and “Master and Commander.” - Caroline Land, 2003-2004

Future Students