Vic One Stick

In 1871 Victoria College had the inauguration of the Senior Stick, awarded annually to a Junior selected by his classmates as being "intellectually, morally, physically and erratically preeminent in virtue and otherwise, especially otherwise" (Acta Victoriana, 1885). This was later followed in 1915 by the creation of the Ladies Senior Stick. They are both actual walking sticks with the names of awardees engraved annually onto metal bands affixed to the stick. The Vic One Stick was presented to the first Class of Vic One on October 4th, 2003 at a special ceremony in The Isabel Bader Theatre. The Stick is made of black cherry wood and was crafted by Walter Pridham (Vic 5T3). The Vic One Stick is an award that joins the pre-existing Men's and Women's Senior Sticks at Victoria University as historical markers of our students' successes.

The Vic One Stick is awarded annually at the end of the school year to a Vic One student as voted upon by his or her peers. The recipient shall embody, in their thoughts and actions, the qualities that reflect the ideals central to the Vic One Program. The individual must express genuine dedication to the program. Such commitment shall be assessed through attendance to classes and plenary sessions, as well as active participation in the classroom and satisfactory completion of all assigned work. In the performing of the aforementioned tasks, the individual shall exhibit enthusiasm, tenacity, intelligence and creativity. However, involvement shall not be strictly limited to academic participation within the Vic One Program. Commitment to other extracurricular activities is also an important factor. The individual shall play an active role in the university community or within the larger community. Those who excel in combining a balance of academic and extracurricular excellence, as judged by their peers and professors, shall be a representative of the Vic One program and worthy recipients of the Vic One Stick.

Current Vic One Stick Recipient

2017-2018 - David de Paiva

Past Vic One Stick Recipients

2016-2017 - Jodelle Margaret Tan

2015-2016 - Benjamin Swadron

2014-2015 - Aaron Philipp-Muller

2013-2014 - Emma Hansen

2012-2013 - Vipasha Shaikh

2011-2012 - Rowan DeBues

2010-2011 - Christian Julien

2009-2010 - Ethan Chiel

2008-2009 - Katherine Bruce-Lockhart

2007-2008 - Cheng Yao

2006-2007 - Vlad Diaconita

2005-2006 - Ige Egal

2004-2005 - Oliver Archer-Antonsen

2003-2004 - Joseph Dunlop

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