Choosing your Programs of Study

Location: Victoria College Chapel, 2nd Floor Victoria College Building

Programs of Study

Come Learn About:
  • The over 300+ programs available in Arts & Science, and how to choose one (or two, or three) that are right for you
  • Deadlines and key considerations for the program selection process
  • How programs can shape your undergraduate experience and can open up new learning opportunities and new pathways for life after university.

Tuesday, January 29 from 2 - 3 p.m.

in the Vic College Chapel, second floor Victoria College Building

Assistant Registrar Anna Kot will lead the session, and will be joined by Vic’s Career Educator, Rebecca Hazell, who will share her perspective on the relationship between programs of study and life after university. 

Presented by the Victoria College Registrar's Office.

All students welcome. No RSVP required.


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