Former Canadian Senator’s Link to Victoria’s Bloomsbury Group Collection

On November 13, 2017 the Honourable Nancy Ruth, C.M. paid a visit to Victoria University’s E.J. Pratt Library to view the Virginia and Leonard Woolf/Hogarth Press/Bloomsbury Collection. The library’s  special collection houses more than 5,000 items, including books, artwork, ephemera and archival material.

Nancy Ruth’s mother, Mary (Rowell) Jackman Vic 2T5, Hon. 8T0, received A Room of One’s Own as a wedding present from her mother, Nellie Langford Rowell, and maintained an interest in the writings of Virginia Woolf throughout her life. Jackman began collecting first editions of Woolf’s books on the advice of a Victoria University English professor, and her acquisitions then expanded to include works by other Bloomsbury Group members and the Hogarth Press. Jackman donated these valuable books to Victoria University in honour of her mother and aunt, and these gifts formed the basis of today’s collection.

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