Victoria College Review


TO: Members of the Victoria University community

FROM: Prof. William Robins, President

RE: Review of Victoria College

DATE: September 29, 2016

The first term of Principal Esterhammer ends on 30 June 2017. In accordance with the by-laws of the Board of Regents of Victoria University and the Federation Framework Agreement with the University of Toronto, the President has appointed Professor Yves Roberge (New College) and Professor Emerita Linda Hutcheon (English) to review the College. The Reviewers have been asked to assess the chief current strengths and opportunities of Victoria College, and to comment on the challenges facing the College in realizing its aspirations. The primary object of the review is to make key recommendations for the College’s future directions and activities in the next five years.

The Reviewers will be consulting widely with faculty, student and administrative members of the College, Victoria University, and members of the University of Toronto. They will visit the campus in early November, meeting with members of the Vic community. Individual staff members, faculty members and students who would like to take part in open meetings with the Reviewers on November 23 should contact Gillian Pearson.

Written submissions to the Reviewers by November 24th from members of Victoria College and the Victoria community, and from members of the University of Toronto, are also welcome and can be sent in confidence to Gillian Pearson at

The Reviewer’s report will be made available to the Victoria College Council, the Board of Regents, and the University of Toronto.

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