Christina Parker, OCT, B.A., M.T., Ph.D.

Lecturer, Education and Society Program, Victoria College

Office Location: Northrop Frye Hall, Room 301

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Office Hours: Mondays, 3-4 pm, also available by appointment


B.A., with honours  (University of Toronto)

M.T. (University of Toronto)

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)

Dr. Christina Parker is a Lecturer in the Education and Society program at Victoria College, University of Toronto. She teaches Communication and Conflict Resolution (JVS200), which focuses on principles and practices of conflict management, resolution, and transformation—emphasizing interpersonal communication across different identities, interests and worldviews. She also teaches introduction to Teaching (VIC362), which is a course designed to critically examine relationships between principles of teaching through legal, ethical and professional practices. Dr. Parker is also an Instructor in Interdisciplinary Studies at Ryerson University where she teaches Conflict Resolution in Community Services and is an affiliated Instructor for the Consortium for Peace Studies in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary where she teaches peace building and social justice. As an Ontario Certified Teacher, with a specialization in teaching history, Dr. Parker has taught in the K-12 system with the Toronto District School Board and abroad in the United States and Botswana.
Dr. Parker’s research expertise is in curriculum and pedagogy, restorative justice, conflict resolution, inclusion, multiculturalism, peacebuilding, and dialogue in diverse global communities. She examines issues such as how peacebuilding education and conflict dialogue processes could work to foster a sense of inclusion for diverse identities and how such practices, in their successful implementation, can challenge young people to engage in authentic dialogue and conflict learning. Dr. Parker’s research on peacebuilding for democracy and social justice in diverse multicultural classrooms shows how dialogic and anti-oppressive pedagogies facilitate inclusive spaces where all students have the opportunity to participate and have their voices heard. Dr. Parker is also the 2014-2015 President of the Citizenship Education Research Network (CERN), an organization that engages researchers interested in deepening civic participation and dialogue in Canadian society.
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