Faculty-Led Research Projects, 2019-2020

The below is a list of faculty-led research projects as part of the Northrop Frye Centre Undergraduate Research Award. This list will be updated as information is received.

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Commentary on Ovid’s Metamorphoses 4
Project Supervisor: Professor Alison Keith
Number of students: 1 or more

Ovid retells the best-known myths of classical antiquity in his grand epic Metamorphoses, which supplied European artists, musicians and authors with a cannon of classical myths that are still popular today in artistic genres undreamt of by the Latin poet (jazz, installation art, film…). The fourth book of the Metamorphoses includes some of the most popular of these myths — Pyramus & Thisbe, Medusa, Perseus & Andromeda, among others.  My project is the preparation of a commentary on Met. 4 for the Cambridge University Press ‘green & yellow’ commentary series. Research will be conducted on Ovid’s Latin lexicon; his metre (dactylic hexameter); and his Greek and Latin literary and textual sources. This research project is suitable for undergraduate students with three years of University-level Latin and/or Ancient Greek.

The NFC Undergraduate Fellow will be trained in: Hellenistic ethics; metrical and stylistic analysis of Latin epic; and recognizing verbal allusions in the Latin literary and classical philosophical traditions.

Required Skills: Students must have completed Intermediate Latin II (LAT202H2S)

Soviet Dissidence and Cultural Opposition: 
From Underground Publishing to Digital Media

Project Supervisor: Professor Ann Komaromi

Number of Students: 1 or more

The Project for the Study of Dissidence and Samizdat (https://samizdatcollections.library.utoronto.ca) includes a database and electronic editions of Soviet underground journals, timelines and story maps using rare archival material to illustrate dissident movements, and interviews with activists. Undergraduate Research Fellows are invited to work on current projects targeted to unofficial Jewish cultural life or Nonconformist art. The project may involve developing visualization tools or public history presentations, editing of interviews and/or work on print editions.  

Desired skills (not required): Languages (Russian or other FSU language), interest in digital humanities.