Andrew Baines M.D., Ph. D, FRCPC
Stowe-Gullen Academic Coordinator/Instructor
Office Phone: 416-585-4487
Office Location: Northrop Frye Hall Room 322     
Email: andrew.baines@utoronto.ca
Office Hours and/or Leave Status: TBA


M.D. (University of Toronto)
Ph. D (University of Toronto)



Dr. Andrew Baines is the co-ordinator and instructor of the Augusta Stowe-Gullen stream of Vic One at Victoria College, University of Toronto. A medical biochemist, his primary areas of research included fluid electrolyte transport in the proximal tubule of the kidney, catecholamines, blood substitutes and functional effects of renal oxygen delivery, and diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Prior to his retirement in 2001, Dr. Baines also served as Principal of New College, Biochemist-in-Chief of the University Health Network, Chair of Clinical Biochemistry and Vice-Dean, Education in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Currently teaching the VIC170 course focusing on an Introduction to the Rhetoric of Science, Probability, and Persuasion in the Stowe-Gullen stream, Dr. Baines is also Professor Emeritus at the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology.


Selected Publications

Baines, A.D., and Ho p. “20-HETE-mediated vasoconstriction by hemoglobin-O2 carrier in Sprague-Dawley but not Wistar rats.” J Appl Physiol 98: 772-9, 2005

Baines, A.D., and Ho p. “Glucose stimulates O2 consumption, NOS, and Na/H exchange in diabetic rat proximal tubules.” Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 283: F F286-F293, 2002

Baines, A.D. and R.Drangova. "Regulation of sodium transport by endogenous dopamine production in proximal tubular and OK cells." Clin.Exp.Hypertension 19: 87-92, 1996