Emanuel Istrate, Ph. D
Coordinator & Instructor, Arthur Schawlow Stream   
Office Phone: 416-978-1804
Office Location: VC 110
Office Hours and/or Leave Status: Tuesdays, 11-12noon; Wednesdays, 1-2pm.


B.A. Sc. - Engineering Science (University of Toronto)
Ph. D - Electrical Engineering (University of Toronto)

Emanuel Istrate is the Coordinator of theArthur Schawlow stream in Physical Sciences of the Vic One program at VictoriaCollege. He is also the Academic Program Coordinator at the University ofToronto’s Impact Centre.

Emanuel teaches one of the courses in theVic One program – VIC172 – which explores the way science is advanced in oursociety, as well as a popular holography course – IVP210 – where students maketheir own holograms and learn the art and science of this medium.

Emanuel received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineeringfrom the University of Toronto in 2005, working on optical wave propagation incomplex structures. After a brief post-doctoral fellowship he joined theInstitute for Optical Sciences as the Academic Program Coordinator where he setup a number of courses and training programs for students studying optics atall levels of the University. More recently, he has contributed to the IOS’ andImpact Centre’s entrepreneurship and industry collaboration programs, as wellas the Vic One program at Victoria College. Emanuel is an active senior memberof the IEEE, where he currently serves as the chair of the IEEE TorontoSection.


Selected Publications

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