Julian Patrick, Ph. D
Associate Professor, Department of English; Graduate Faculty; Undergraduate Instructor
Office Phone: 416-585-4440
Office Location: Birge Carnegie Room 27
Office Hours and/or Leave Status: Thursdays 3:00 – 5:00, by appointment


B.A. (University of Toronto)
M.A. (Yale University)
Ph. D (Yale University)


Professor Julian Patrick is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at the University of Toronto. He also teaches courses investigating the basic forms of narrative representation (VIC202Y), and considering relations betweens various cultural media with historical demands and technological change (VIC306H) in the Literature and Critical Theory program in Victoria College. In addition to teaching, Professor Patrick is interested in Renaissance Non-Dramatic and Dramatic; Modernism and Post-modernisms; and Theory, having published several works in his related field. Currently his research involves investigating the Aesthetics and Politics of Representation, both Renaissance and Modern; Relations between Text and Image in Current Literary and Visual Theory; as well as examining the Future of Psychoanalytic Discourse.


Selected Publications

Trans., with headnote and commentary, of Rodolphe Gasché, "The Witch Metapsychology," in Returns of the "French Freud": Freud, Lacan, and Beyond, ed. T. Dufresne (1997)