Ken McLeod, Ph. D 
Associate Professor; Department of Music History and Culture
Office Location: Edward Johnson Music Building Room 119
Office Hours and/or Leave Status: TBA


B.Mus. (University of British Columbia)
M.A. (McMaster University)
Ph. D (McGill University)



Ken McLeod is an Associate Professor of Music History and Culture at the University of Toronto. He has published on identity politics in popular music, popular music appropriations of art music, and the intersections between technology, science fiction and rock music. His research has also addressed gendered and racial narratives of national identity in 18th-century English theatre music, including representations of Amazons in the music of Handel and Purcell. Recent publications include articles in Popular Music, Seventeenth Century Music, American Music, College Music Symposium, Popular Music and Society, and The New Grove Dictionary of American Music. His book We Are The Champions: The Politics of Sports and Popular Music (Ashgate, September 2011) examines the interconnection of sports and popular music in constructing racial, gender, ethnic, socio-economic economic and national identities. He is also researching issues surrounding technology and identity politics in Japanese popular music, the relationship of popular music to health and aging, issues in sound studies and machines, and the interconnections between popular music and automobile culture. His research is supported by a five year SSHRC Insight Grant. His favorite colour is blue!


Selected Publications

Single Authored Book

We Are the Champions: The Politics of Sports and Popular Music (Ashgate: 2011), 257 pages.

Selected Book Chapters and Articles

“Afro-Samurai: Techno – Orientalism in Recent Hip Hop” Popular Music (Cambridge University Press), Vol 32/2 (2013), 261 – 277.

“Visual Kei: Hybridity, Gender and the Construction of Identity in Japanese Popular Music” Young: Nordic Journal of Youth Research Vol 21/4 (Fall 2013), 309-325.

“A Fifth of Beethoven: Disco, Classical Music and the Politics of Inclusion” book chapter in Pop Music and Easy Listening ed. Stan Hawkins (Ashgate, October 2011), pp. 425-442.

“Ideology and Racial Myth in Henry Purcell’s King Arthur and Thomas Arne’s AlfredRestoration: Studies in English Literary Culture, 1660-1700 vol. 34, Nos. 1-2 Spring-Fall 2010, 82-102.

“Constructions of African American Masculinity in Music and Sports” American Music vol. 27,No. 2 Summer 2009, 204-226.

“Sounds of the Future: Music and Science Fiction” book chapter in The Routledge Companion to Science Fiction eds. M. Bold, A. Butler, A. Roberts and S. Vint New York: Routledge, 2009), 392-403.

“We are the Champions: The Politics of Sports and Popular Music” Popular Music and Society vol. 29, no.5 (December, 2006), 533-549.

“A Fifth of Beethoven: Disco, Classical Music and the Politics of Inclusion” American Music, vol. 24, No.3 Fall 2006, 348-363.

“Chaos Theory in Music Criticism,” College Music Symposium, vol. 45, Fall 2006, 42- 56.