Name: Susan Antebi
Title/Position: Associate Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Office Phone: 416-8134066
Office Location: NF 229
Office Hours and/or Leave Status: On leave until June 30, 2015
Degrees: B.A . Magna cum Laude, English and Spanish,
                 Amherst College,1994
                 A.m., Romance Language and Literatures(Spanish),
                 Harvard University, 1998
                 Ph.D., Romance Languages and Literatures (Spanish),
                 Harvard University, 2003

Susan Antebi teaches contemporary and twentieth-century Latin American literature and culture and her current research focuses on disability and corporeality in the contexts of Mexican cultural production. She is the author of Carnal Inscriptions: Spanish American Narratives of Corporeal Difference and Disability, (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2009). Her work in the area of disability studies stems from a long-standing interest in concepts and experiences of corporeal difference, particularly as tied to the history of ethnographic spectacle, and to the ethics of embodied identity in literature and performance. Her second book, in progress, Eugenics and Intercorporeality: Reading Disability in Twentieth-Century Mexican Cultural Production, seeks to contextualize disability and the project of disability studies as integral to reading Mexican cultural and public health history. Other research and teaching interests include literary approaches to medicine, science and technology; feminist theory, performance studies, and cultural representations of the Mexican Revolution. She serves on the editorial board of Disability and the Global South: An International Journal, and was elected member of the Modern Languages Association Division Executive Committee on Disability Studies.

Select Publications:

Carnal Inscriptions: Spanish American Narratives of Corporeal Difference and Disability. New York: Palgrave-Macmillan, 2009.

Libre Acceso: Disability Studies in Latin American Literature and Film. Eds. Susan Antebi and Beth Jörgensen. Forthcoming from SUNY Press.

“Prometheus Re-bound: Disability and the Cultural Aesthetics of Hygiene in José Vasconcelos’ Post-Revolutionary Mexico.” Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies, 17 (2013): 163-180.