AVC Executive

2017- 2018 AVC Executive Slate of Officers

President: Ms. Kayley Collum 0T7
Vice President: Ms. Astrid-Maria Ciarallo 0T8

Members at Large

Ms. Kathryn Cumming 7T4 - Friends of the Library
Ms. Diane Dyer 6T2 - VWA
Ms. Zahavah Kay, VUSAC President
Mrs.Cynthia (Lovett) Elson 6T5
Ms. Lisa Taillefer 9T6
Ms. Giselle Smejda 0T1
Vic Student Ambassadors President: Ms. Jordan LoMonaco
Secretary: Ms. Jennifer Wells

Ex-Officio Members

President of Victoria University: Prof. William Robins
Interim Principal of Victoria College: Prof. Stephen Rupp
Permanent Class Executive President 2017: Julie Zhang 1T7
Chair, Alumni Affairs and Advancement Committee: Mr. Robert Kincaide 7T2
Executive Director, Alumni Affairs & Advancement: Mrs. Louise (Huntingford) Yearwood 8T6