Ruth Bentley 4T3

Ruth recieved the Distinguished Alumni Award for 1999 on U of T Day, October 16, 1999. The award was presented by Elizabeth Vosburgh (Vic 6T8) Chair of the Board of Reagents. Elizabeth described Ruth as "the glue that has held her class together".

Since graduation, Ruth has continued to give so much back to the Vic community. Few of Victoria's alumni are more extraordinary than Ruth. In 1986, she was the Chair of the Sesquicenntenial dinner which drew almost 3000 Vic alumni and friends, one of the largest alumni events in U of T history. She was also one of the founders of the Friends of the Library and the Victoria College Book Sale.

For 4T3's 5oth reunion in 1993, Ruth developed an original Class of 4T3 newsletter which updated the activities and wherabouts of her entire class. Ruth continues her drive to ensure the recognition of Vic achievers as she initiated a drive to establish a scholarship for Nobel Prize-winning Victoria graduate, Arthur Schawlow (Vic 4T1) whom she had learned was terminally ill. In just a few month, Ruth was able to raise over $134,000!

Ruth Bentley (4T3) has been honoured with the Victoria College Distinguished Alumni Award for 1999, in recognition of her extrordinary involvement within her community and college.