Parents' Program

As parents, having your student start at university is both rewarding and challenging. As you know, one of the reasons we have launched this Parents’ Program is to enable you to learn more about their Vic community which will be a significant part of their lives during their time here, as well as once they graduate and join the ranks of the Victoria College alumni, now approaching 40,000 strong!

Our new Parents’ Program e-newsletter is currently in production. In the meantime, we wanted to share with you that one reason we, at Vic, are so committed to building community is because your student's success at university is directly tied to how they get involved and make connections!

At Vic we know that students who fully engage in their educational experience, and who connect early to key services, are those who thrive at university. We set the stage for students to build their communities through courses, clubs, participation in student governance, seeking out—or being—peer advisors or mentors, and many other exciting co-curricular and academic opportunities.

The staff at Vic (in the Dean’s office, the Registrar’s office, and through the many other services offered on campus) are also part of a supportive network committed to our students’ success. We have an on-site personal counsellor, learning strategist, academic advisors, accessibility advisor, career educator, writing support, resident and commuter dons, transition mentors, and peer tutoring for some first-year science courses.  Vic can help your child to navigate university services and resources and connect them with opportunities that will make their university experience special.  And, your student can contact the Dean of Students or Registrar’s offices at anytime to find out how to access these services. 

Through our publications and events, you will learn more about our community and how you can get involved.  If you have general questions about Vic or U of T, we invite you to call our parent liaison, Angela Prediger, at 416-585-4403. She can answer your general questions about how things work, as well as speak to academic and co-curricular opportunities for your child and where to go for additional support. (Please note that due to privacy laws, we cannot share any non-emergency information about your student).

If you have a pressing concern related to personal safety or a health and wellness issue concerning your student, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students directly at 416-585-4494.