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Victoria College (Vic) is committed to providing students with a personal and inclusive University experience inside and outside the classroom. This is an environment where students and teachers are committed to building a community that welcomes diversity, embraces creativity and is energized by challenge.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is your first stop for any academic matter, including academic and financial advising, financial matters, tutorial services, graduation and much more.

Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students ensures that you have a positive experience while at Vic, in all non-academic matters. This includes Residence (Resnet and Maintenance Requests), Food Services, Co-Curricular LifeSex and Gender on CampusStudent Wellness, and Study Abroad support.
The UofT Town Hall on Responsible Drinking

Campus (RE)Conciliations: Third Listenings Conference, March 28, 2019

Academic Programs at Vic

Vic is committed to providing a strong academic foundation starting in first year, through the Vic One program, Vic One Hundred Seminars or the First-Year Foundations courses offered by the Faculty of Arts and Science. Every first-year Victoria College student is required to enroll in a seminar-style course. You will experience here the academic advantages of being a student of one of Canada’s leading universities with the intimacy of a small liberal arts college.

Vic also offers the following programs of study: Creative Expression and Society, Combined Degree Program in EducationEducation and Society, Literature and Critical Theory, Material Culture, Renaissance Studies, Science and SocietySemiotics and Communication Studies, as well as a variety of upper year courses.

The new Student Research Opportunities office is dedicated to helping Victoria College Students enrich their education through undergraduate research and experiential learning.

Get Involved at Vic

Vic has an active and enthusiastic student body – make the most of your time here by getting involved! If you have any questions, email the VUSAC President at Check out some of these links for more info: VUSAC, Vic Reach, Clubs.

Current Students