Request to Defer Fees Based on Scholarship

This form may be used to submit a request to defer 2018-2019 Fall/Winter fees based on a Victoria College or University of Toronto scholarship in order to complete your registration.  If you have already opted to defer your fees based on OSAP, do not submit this online form. 

Deadline:  August 24, 2018 (4 p.m.). Please allow 2 to 3 business days for processing submitted requests.


  • I am a Victoria College student in the Faculty of Arts & Science.
  • I have enrolled in courses on ACORN for the 2018-2019 Fall/Winter session.
  • I do NOT have any arrears (outstanding fees) from a previous session.
  • My mailing address is valid and up-to-date on ACORN. 
  • The total value of my Vic/UofT scholarship(s) cover at least the minimum payment required for registration. (For the minimum payment amount, see Financial Account Invoice Format on ACORN in early August.)

Forms will be processed beginning in early August after fees have been posted on ACORN.  After August 24th, you may log onto ACORN to check that the deferral has been processed and that your registration status has changed from "Invited" to "Registered".

Questions: or call 416-585-4435.

Third-Party (non UofT/Vic) Scholarships, waivers and other financial arrangements for registration please see Student Accounts.

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Student Number:
Given Name:
Email Address:
Name of Victoria College/University of Toronto Scholarship(s):
Total $ value of scholarship(s) (must cover at least minimum amount required for registration):

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