Coburn Award

Up to $20,000 towards a year of study in Israel.

Application deadline: March 1st (now closed)

History of the Award

Kathleen Coburn, who graduated in 1928 from Victoria University and who taught at Victoria for many years, made a bequest to establish a fund to provide travelling fellowships to qualified candidates studying in the fields of Fine Arts and/or the Humanities in Israel and Canada. The Fund is held and administered by the Canada Council. The award of up to $20,000 (CDN) is intended to cover travel expenses, tuition and accommodation for the year. It is taxable and will be disbursed in two installments on submission of the participants’ proof of continued enrolment.


This program is open to all students studying in the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Toronto, but Victoria College students will get first priority.

Students must be studying in the fields of the Humanities or the Fine Arts.

Students will be selected on the basis of academic or artistic excellence and their ability to benefit from study abroad. Students should have at least a B+ average (GPA 3.30+).

Students should be prepared to share with other students the benefits of their experience abroad when they return home.

The students should be entering the 3rd or 4th year of their undergraduate programme and should be registered through the Centre for International Experience.

Students must meet the admission requirements at Tel-Aviv University or at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They must register at one of these two institutions for the academic year. Unless the students are capable of studying in Hebrew, they will have to register for the English programme offered there. (Students applying for the Coburn Award should apply to Tel-Aviv University or Hebrew University, asap).

Each applicant must submit a Study Abroad Award Applicationtranscript, and two academic letters of recommendation from faculty who have taught him/her.  In the personal statement of the award application, please explain your interest in studying at Tel-Aviv University or Hebrew University and your goals. Also include information on how you intend to fund your year abroad and list other awards or scholarships received. The letters of recommendation must be submitted by email to by the application deadline.

Results will be announced by May.

Current Students