The David W. Pretty Award

Value:  up to $5,000

Awards for students who are registered at Victoria College for their second or third year of study, who have achieved a minimum overall B average and who live in a Victoria College student residence during the years in which they receive the award.  Preference is to be given to students who have been active in student life at Victoria College and the University of Toronto.  Financial need may be taken into consideration but is not necessarily a requirement.  Renewable for one year so long as the above criteria are met.


Application Instructions: 

Fill out the Participation Award Application and indicate that you are applying for the DAVID W. PRETTY AWARD in the personal statement.

Please note that if successful, this award fulfills the in-course scholarship guarantee (i.e. recipients are not eligible for the $1,000 in-course scholarship).

Deadline:  April 15th

Inquiries:  email and include your student number.

Current Students