Forging Your Future in the Sciences

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Students often struggle with thinking through what happens after university. Some of the people they meet have interesting looking careers and lives, but how they got there is often not easily understood. Another challenge is that most areas of study lead in multiple directions, and open doors to lots of possibilities, but it is sometimes difficult to see what those are.

In Forging Your Future, students will get to explore practical realities and approaches relating to future career paths. The weekly sessions will focus on building skills like resume-writing, career planning, and networking. In the bonus sessions, there will also be an opportunity to meet with young alumni with different academic backgrounds to learn about their paths and how they seized opportunities that helped them along the way.


Forging Your Future in the Sciences

Thursdays, 3:30 - 5:00 pm - 4 weeks (January 25, February 1, 8, 15)

Copper Room, Goldring Student Centre (second floor)

This session will focus on exploring specific career options in sciences. We'll also work on important skills like networking, personal branding and resume building.

1.  Exploring Yor Career Options in the Sciences

2. Telling Your Story: Resume Building

3. Networking: Talking to professionals & Building Connections

4. Next Steps & Career Planning

BONUS (Optional) Sessions: Next Steps Conference January 19-20, 2018

BONUS (Optional) Session: Etiquette Luncheon, February 2018 (details TBD)

BONUS (Optional) Session: Women in Tech, February 1, 2018 (Victoria College Building)


A light meal will be provided to all participants at each session.

What Other Students Have Said About the Sessions:

“This is an incredibly amazing opportunity that really helps one get to know themselves and work towards being the best version of themselves they can be!” “It's getting a head start on life planning”

“It's a series that helps one visualize one's professional future, and gives you tools to help you achieve your vision.”    

“I would tell them it would be enriching and something worth investing in for their own future.”     

“Forging Your Future is a valuable program that has provided me with the resources and tools necessary to continue my life's journey.”

“It is a way to help you find the resources that you need for yourself.”  

“Definitely a great program to know more about yourself and develop your practical skills when it comes to job-searching.”        

“As a student planning to apply to grad schools, these sessions helped me a lot not only in terms of how to approach profs but also through exploring my strengths and what can be written on my resume.”              

“It's a fun and engaging discussion-style way to learn tips and gain a better understanding of how to navigate the professional world as a student.”    

“Friendly environment, encouraging atmosphere, food, helpful information, and actually makes me think about something. Not just listening.”

“Definitely meeting so many interesting people/getting valuable information about transitioning to the professional workplace.”

“Food was great! Discussions were great!Time was great! LOVELY experience!”

“Thank you! I'll definitely miss Thursday nights! Take care! Best wishes <3 “         

Top 5 valuable things students reported learning:              

  1. Resume building skills
  2. Career mapping
  3. Self-awareness, confidence, support, and reassurance/encouragement
  4.  Networking approaches: references, supports & mentors
  5.  Getting to know Vic/feeling comfortable at Vic.

Favourite part of the sessions for students:                

  1. Opportunity for reflection & self-awareness    
  2. Positive and supportive environment
  3. Sharing concerns, advice, anxieties about the future
  4. Encouragement, support & feeling empowered
  5. Specific skills & content learned

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