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Scientific understanding is often thought to be reserved for scientists, and the impact of scientific research is often only considered in terms of progress. New energy sources, new medicines, new technologies, and other scientific works, are all often taken simply at face value as bold new improvements. But what questions can we ask about this?

There have unquestionably been major scientific breakthroughs, but what is the social impact? Who benefits from scientific research? How are the scientific projects we pursue chosen in the first place? What are the economic underpinnings of scientific research? How do scientific discoveries and inventions connect with broader social issues of conflict, politics and development? Why are some scientific topics so controversial?

These are the kinds of questions that will be discussed over lunch in a small interdisciplinary group of students (not just those in science), led by university faculty and staff.


Thursdays, September 22-November 17

12:00 - 2:00 pm

Copper Room, Second Floor, Goldring Student Centre (Room 216)

There will be no session on Thursday, October 27 due to the Minding Our Minds conference.


At each session, lunch will be provided for all participants. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated with advance notice.


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