Theatre for Thought

Ancient theatre ruins 


There are many ways to reflect on our world. We can read the paper, watch the news, listen to documentaries, read textbooks – all educational.  But what about entertainment? We see films, read fiction, go to plays, watch television. All of these resonate for us. But do they inform the way we think?

The term theatre is derived from ancient Greek and means, literally a place for viewing spectacles. But how much do we really see? In this section, short performances of excerpts from plays will be followed by discussion. The plays will include historically significant works and social justice writings. Topics will include the nature of justice, the importance of humour, the impact of revolution and war, the role of passion, the vehicles of social oppression, the nature of happiness, and the trials and tribulations of human relationships.

Discussion will be led by university faculty and staff. Undergraduate students will be able to participate as mentors and/or as actors in dinner and discussion with non-student members of the community.

Participation Requirements

Victoria University students may apply online to be mentors for Winter 2017.

Community participants should contact us by email or by phone at 416-585- 4528 for more information.


Tuesdays, January 17 - March 28, 2017

6:00-9:00 p.m.

All classes take place in Alumni Hall at Victoria College (91 Charles Street West).

There will be no class on Tuesday, February 21, due to the university's Reading Week.


Dinner will be provided at each session for all participants. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated with advance notice.

Current Students