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VIC451H1Y  Capstone: Learning Communities and Higher Education
Professor TBD

Northrop Frye spoke of the educated imagination as one where eloquence and participation are complementary components. This Capstone course offers you both aspects. First, you'll have a guided professional formation in mentorship and leadership. We'll consider different kinds of learning communities, experiential learning, and various contexts of education. You will also have the very practical opportunity to take on the important role as mentor to a class of students in a limited enrolment first year course at VIC. You'll help your class integrate more successfully into VIC and U of T by offering guidance in areas such as adapting to university life beyond academics, preparing for tests and exams, study skills etc.Contemporaneously,in our biweekly meetings, you'll consider, discuss and then reflect on best practices in mentoring and leadership that will be valuable to you even after you leave the university.

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 Prerequisite: A minimum CGPA of 3.0 and have completed 15 FCEs. Application Required. Deadline to apply is July 5, 2019.

Co-requisite: Mentor a Victoria College first-year seminar. More information will be provided at a later time.
Distribution Requirement Status: Social Sciences
Breadth Requirement: Society and its Institutions (3)

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