VIC493 (L0101) Application

VIC493H1Y Vic Capstone Research Colloquium


The Vic Capstone Research Colloquium is intended for students registeredin Independent Studies, Individual Studies, or Senior Essay courses inHumanities or Social Science subjects. It is a half-course taught over the fullacademic year (12 x 2-hour sessions, with the final session extended into asymposium event). The Colloquium provides instruction, support, and practicalexperience through the various stages of your research project, from theproject proposal to work-in-progress feedback to presentation of results.

Since the Colloquium includes students working in a variety ofHumanities and Social Science disciplines, the emphasis is oninterdisciplinarity: you will learn to communicate your research to amultidisciplinary audience and gain insight into how data, theory, casestudies, literature reviews, and methodology vary by discipline.

The Colloquium is evaluated on a Pass/Fail basis. This course is noteligible for CR/NCR option. 

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Prerequisite: A minimum CGPA of 3.0 and have completed 15 FCEs.Application Required. Deadline to apply is July 7, 2019. 

Corequisite: Registration in an Independent / Individual Studiesor Senior Essay course 
Exclusion: POL499Y1; RLG404H1/405H1; UNI460H1; thesis seminars inother programs
Distribution Requirement Status: Humanities and Social Science

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