Combined Degree Program in Education

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Victoria College's Combined Degree Program offers students the opportunity to integrate a Master of Teaching (MT) with an Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc) or Honours Bachelor of Arts (HBA) in six-years.

Entry Requirements

Students interested in the pursuing the Combined Degree Program MUST be enrolled in:

This program requires that students applying to the MT have two teaching subjects regardless of the concentration they are applying to (i.e. Intermediate/Senior, Junior/Intermediate or Primary/Junior). This means that they are required to have six full-year university courses (6.0 FCE) in the first teaching subject, and a minimum of three full-year courses in the second teaching subject (3.0 FCE). Note: French as a Second Language, International Languages and Science subjects require more than 3 full-year university courses.

Other Requirements

In addition to the required Minor in Education and Society and any one of the above for major programs, students must also enrol in an additional minor program which will allow them to complete both the requirements for their undergraduate degree, and the requirements for their second teaching subjects.


Current Students