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Please complete the following application to be considered forenrolment in VIC275H1 Creating Writing: Short Fiction . The deadline toapply is August 1, 2017.  No late applications will be accepted.


VIC275H1 S - Creative Writing Short Fiction
Professor Camilla Gibb

This seminar course for aspiring writers will take reading short stories as the departure for writing them.  Through considering stories by some of the world’s most compelling contemporary voices, including Jhumpa Lahiri, Daniyal Mueenuddin and Junot Diaz, we will examine the craft and practice of short story writing.  

Each seminar will begin with looking at a particular technical issue such as characterization, plot or voice, with reference to a specific assigned story.  The remainder of each class will be devoted to work shopping drafts of four students’ short stories with everyone in the class offering constructive critical feedback for the further development of the writer’s work.

The final revised versions of two work shopped stories will constitute a significant percentage of the student’s grade.  Students will also be required to do several short take-home writing exercises and one extended book review.

Distribution Requirement Status: This is a Humanities course 
Breadth Requirement: Creative and Cultural Representations (1)

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