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Course Description:

Reading a lot may be helpful for a young writer but it’s not a replacement for the real thing, for the act of writing. So, we will not load you down with a ton of reading – I think that's a waste of the limited time we have together. But I will demand instead a rigorous output of prose. Regardless of what literary era you find yourself in, the trick to good writing is a good story. Pretty sentences strung together like Christmas lights won’t cut it on their own. Eventually the reader can smell a rat. A story must compel you to ask: "And then what happened?" We are going to write stories of a realistic nature, stories that don't necessarily have to have happened, but must be able to have happened. (If you are a lover of fantasy or sci-fi or magic realism,this class is not for you.) 

We are going to write and cut and rewrite and cut and rewrite some more. Do you get the picture? 2,000 words a week, week in,week out, 40, 000 words at year's end -- until the act of writing becomes an automatic reflex rather like that of an athlete going to the gym daily, even in the off season. I want to get you published. Remember this please: good writing involves the darkening of hundreds and hundreds of pages, usually badly, until you write a good one. Then you’re on your way. This is a serious course; tourists not invited. If in doubt about just how serious, try and talk to someone who has taken either my courses before. 

Exclusion: VIC280H1
Distribution Requirement Status: This is a Humanities course
Breadth Requirement: Creative and Cultural Representations (1)

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VIC350Y1 - Creative Writing Application

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