Program Requirements

Entry Requirement: Interested students can apply every spring for September entry into the program.This is a limited entry program. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.Applicants MUST have completed the following in order to apply:

·PSY100H1 with a minimum grade of 70
·obtain a grade of 73 or greater in at least 3 FCE
·Minimum of 4.0 Full Course Equivalents (FCE) 

Program Requirements (4.0 FCE including at least 1.0 FCE at 300+ level)

1. PSY100H1
2. All of: VIC260H1, VIC261H1, VIC262H1
3. VIC360H1/VIC360Y1
4. VIC362H1
5. One FCE from: VIC361H0, VIC363H1, VIC368H1, VIC369H1, or a course related to Education and Society at the 300+ level selected from the offerings in Sociology, Anthropology or Geography (Arts).

Combined Degree Program in Education

The Combined Degree Program offers students the opportunity to integrate an Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc) or Honours Bachelor of Arts (HBA) and a Master of Teaching (MT) in six years.  This program requires that Year Three Education and Society Minor students applying to the MT have two teaching subjects regardless of the concentration they are applying to (i.e. Intermediate/Senior, Junior/Intermediate or Primary/Junior). This means that they are required to have six full-year university courses (6.0 FCE) in the first teaching subject, and a minimum of three full-year courses in the second teaching subject (3.0 FCE). Note: French as a Second Language, International Languages and Science subjects require more than 3 full-year university courses. 
Students interested in pursuing the Combined Degree Program MUST be enrolled in the Education & Society minor and any one of the following major programs:

·Major in English
·Major in History
·Major in Psychology
·Major in  Sociology
·Major in Math 

Note: In addition to the required Minor in Education and Society and any one of the above five Major programs, students must enrol in one additional Minor program which will allow them to complete both the requirements for their undergraduate degree, and the requirements for their second teaching subject as identified by OISE.

Admission Requirements for the MT program in the Combined Degree Program

To be considered for conditional admission to the Master of Teaching and the Combined Degree Program, students must meet the following admission requirements:

1. be enrolled in the Education and Society Minor Program at Victoria College.
2. be registered in the 3rd year of the HBSc or HBA Degree Program, in one of the above listed major programs.
3. have completed—or be on course to complete—the education-focused courses and practical experiences embedded in the undergraduate degree.
4. have an average grade equivalent of at least B+ or better, normally demonstrated by an average grade in the 2nd year.
5. provide at least two letters of reference.
6. be on course to complete the prerequisites for two teaching subjects irrespective of whether they ultimately intend registering in the Intermediate/Senior, Junior/Intermediate or Primary/Junior concentration (Note: candidates must have completed at least half of the teaching subjects’ prerequisite courses [i.e. 3.0 FCE in the 1st teaching subject, and 1.5 FCE in the  2nd teaching subject] by the time they are conditionally admitted to the MT program, that is, by the 2nd term of 3rd year in the undergraduate program).
7. meet other qualifications as specified by the MT program (i.e. experience working with children). 

Combined Degree Program

In Year Three, students interested in the Combined Degree Program will apply to OISE for conditional admission to the Master of Teaching program. Once students have accepted a conditional offer of admission to the MT program, they will be eligible to take 1.0 graduate FCE at OISE in their fourth year, which will count towards the undergraduate degree and the Master of Teaching degree.For students to be given full, unconditional admission to the MT program, they must:

1. maintain at least a B+ (3.3) average in their final year or over senior courses
2. achieve a grade of at least B+ average in the 1.0 FCE graduate courses taken in Year 4
3. have completed required courses to meet the first and second teaching subjects·successfully complete the requirements for the HBSc/HBA program
4. have the undergraduate degree confirmedIn Year 5, these students will continue in their graduate level studies following the normal path to completion with the exception of the 1.0 graduate FCE they completed in Year 4.

If the student does not meet the above conditions, the offer of conditional admission to the Combined Degree Program will be rescinded.  Students in this position could apply separately to the Master of Teaching outside of the Combined Degree Program.

Current Students